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40 Animals and Birds

Wow, two blogs one week! Yes I have a very important announcement to make, as you could probably tell by the title it is something to do with 100 Animals, and you're right. I am taking on a challenge inspired by an artist called Lucy Pass who did a 100 heads challenge which is what I am taking on, but with animals instead of heads.

As well as me taking on this challenge I want you to as well, and this is how it will work: every day I will put the next day's animal that I will be drawing, which if you want to you can draw as well on the 40AnimalChallenge page, you can send your drawing to me via email ( because when we have finished the 40 challenge (don't worry you don't have to do every day) I will put the best of each animal in a gallery.

That is the end of this very different blog, if you want to join in with the 40 day Animal Challenge then todays bird/animal is a stalk. Remember to share this with your friends and family.

See you next time!!! :-)

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Sheila Poole
Sheila Poole
Nov 20, 2021

I love your Dr Who pic!! unlike you I like drawing faces, but find legs really really difficult!!


sorry I said I would be doing a stalk, but I'm doing a grey heron sorry for the confusing

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