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Foraging For Tea

For Christmas, I got some foraging books, which got me inspired to write a new category of blogs. There will be pictures, drawings and information about mushrooms and edible plants. A mushroom I think I found yesterday was a Mature Yellow Cauliflower Fungus. I am not 100% sure that this mushroom is what I think it is. Sadly I do not have a picture of this fungus, but I can describe it to you for now. It is a yellow, slimy brain shaped fungus and when put through Google Lens it said it was Witch's Butter. Next week I will show you a picture of this strange fungus.

Today I made something called Gorse flower tea, it is tea that comes from Gorse flowers. Gorse is a type of bush which is very spiky and the flowers are beautiful, bright, yellow flowers. It flowers all year round and

smells deeply of coconuts in April and when kept for a day in winter (December). The tea is Gorse flowers infused in boiling water, the same as all teas but without the bags!It takes about 15 mins without counting the preparation of taking the petals out of their thingies. The taste is very natural and planty.

Sorry about the lack of pictures and more words today and this week. It's probably because I have more to talk about. See you Next Week.

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Gorse colours are really nice and I imagine you they look great in tea!




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