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How to draw a landscape.

Are you getting bored on walks or days out?

Well, I have the perfect thing for you, follow this short step-by-step guide to make something like this:

It won't look like this, for two reasons;

1. You won't go to the same place

2. Because even if you copy the painting it won't look exactly the same. So, let's get into the guide.

Step One. Firstly, you have to go on a walk or day trip. Once you have done that write the date and where you are. So if you go there again you can see if you have got better.

Step Two. Then, when you find a good place, sketch out the landscape in front of you it could take from 1 to 30 minutes, or even longer. One important thing don't rush. I didn't use a rubber, I recommend doing that, because otherwise you will be using the rubber all the time. For reference if you use colour, then take a picture.

Step Three. When you get back, you could paint on it (Tip if you are using watercolour don't use normal paper use watercolour paper or thicker paper) but you don't have to you could use coloured pencils or do shading anything is fine. You could use different colours than in the picture, play around and have fun!

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