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I need your help....

I have not been posting anything recently because I have been busy and everything is starting up again, so I need to get back into a routine, I will try to post a blog every week.

Now to the main reason I am posting this blog, just now I put a new page up, Dragon-with-a-paintbrush, it is a tutorial page where a dragon talks you through a tutorial of art, from paintings to tonal drawings. This is where you come in, I need to choose a dragon, and it's difficult so I am asking YOU to vote for the winning dragon*.

The second reason I am posting this blog is this:

The first doctor, from Doctor Who, every week I am going to draw another Doctor (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and the best one I will send into The Doctor Who magazine.

Now that's it from me see you next time.

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