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The Votes Are In!

Most of you will know that I set up a poll for the Dragon-With-A-Paintbrush (DWAP for short) dragon and as you can guess from the title of this blog, The Votes Are In!!! They always say it was very close, but to tell the truth it wasn't! Only four votes came through the ratio was 4:1:0 if you know what that means. Now for what you have been waiting for...

In third place with zero votes the Cute Dragon!...

In second place with one vote the Fire Dragon!...

And the winner with an impressive three votes is the... … … … Ghost Dragon!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a diagram of the votes.

Blue= cute dragon

Now to the normal things that are in my blogs. I've been doing some sketching lately, every evening for a few days. I did a landscape and a couple of still life s. It is very relaxing to do them before bed and enjoyable, here they are:

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