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Winter scene and Jungle scene with Rousseau.

Halloo I have been been busy lately with art thanks to my advent calendar, so far I have got Winsor and Newton willow charcoal and Boldmere grey tones soft pastels (the other things are not necessary). I have not tried out the charcoal yet because it's soft and messy so I will wait until I have thought what to do with it, but on the other hand I have tried to use the grey tone pastels. I did a winter scene, here it is:

You can see at the bottom of the paper are two hedgehogs, on the right is a bridge over a glassy, black river inspired by a piece of writing I did at school. At top middle is a flock of starlings and top left the moon (below: are the pastels I used).

Earlier this week and last week I did a project with my art club, it was inspired by Henri Rousseau. Picture next to the pastels.

In the mid-dle of the piece there is a toucan so it makes sense that it's set in the jungle, like lots Rousseau's artwork. Rousseau never went to the jungle the plants in his art were enlarged versions of house plants.

WOW I think this has been a great blog lots and lots of pictures (three). A new design (the words are wrapping around the pictures). And remember to share this blog and my website to your friends and family. GOODBYE!!!!!! : )

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