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The make house.

I am sorry I haven't posted a blog for 40ish days, I've been busy with home schooling and life because life is busy, very busy. Now, a few days ago I did a piece of digital art on Photoshop, as I was bored. I made a colourful background with a splatter brush*.

Then I added some smaller green splatters with the same brush**.

Next I added a silhouette of a modernised house I don't really know how to describe it.

Finally a added a weird text that says 'The Make House'.

And that is the finished product. Thank you for reading this short tutorial blog and comment below what you would like to see on the website next? Please tell your friends and family about this website, I will deeply appreciate that. BYE!!!

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3 bình luận

15 thg 2, 2021



Thank you Tom


14 thg 2, 2021

Great that’s really cool!!!! I like the text and the colours really stand out😁

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