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The Old Oak

Yesterday, I did my first painting on canvas, well a canvas pad, it's a landscape, I guess, of an evil forest. *The sun is setting, dark clouds engulfed the sky and the wise, old oak tree is being blown in the furious wind. Giant toadstools spitting out bright, pink spores. The storm has come and passed, so the silver birch knight has fallen. Rocks have come from the avalanche nearby.* Now enough story time for now, so I'll show you the painting:

I think I have found my style and this is it the use of acrylics and Posca pen (acrylic pens) dots and lines to add a bit of texture and colour into the mix. If you were wondering I am still going to experiment and do different styles, but I really like this one.

Now to something a bit different I have an idea. And it's BIG. Really BIG. BIG BIG BIG! But you have to wait for next week.

Goodbye! Sorry this blog was a bit shorter, but do you like the story? Shall I do more?

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