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Water-Crylics and Quilling

As you may have noticed my website has got a bit wintery, with mushrooms, holly and other plants, hope you like it. On the subject of my website, is anyone looking at the Artwork page on the website? If you are then carry on and tell me in the comments, same if you that don't look there, please do start.

Now what this blog was made for. The the first piece of art today I actually did this one right before writing this, it's a still life of a Japanese azalea:

While doing this painting I discovered a new, or something I think is a new medium, Water-crylics, when you combine watercolours and acrylics. This happened because I did not have any white watercolour and I needed pink. On the pot you may have noticed a figure with wings, my sister put that there when we bought the plant. The fairy (it's name will get voted for in the comments) looks really good there in real life and is not red it's actually blue.


*Yes it's the time you have all been waiting for, it's what I did in art club on Monday*. *Well I did quilling, what is quilling? I hear you ask, well it is when you roll up strips of coloured paper and stick them down rolled up*. *And if you want to do it lucky for you, there will be a How To coming soon*.*Here it is the QUILLING!!!!!:'

Here it is the quilled christmas tree. It's a green pyramid starting at 6 circles going upwards, the star on top was made by pinching the ends to make a teardrop shape. *That is the end of ART CLUB now see you next week*.*GOODNIGHT.*

This has been fun, lots of interaction (please do attempt to reply), two pieces of art, a GAMESHOW and remember to share it with your friends and family ∞. ,

See you next week goodbye!!!!!!!

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Sheila Poole
Sheila Poole
Dec 23, 2020

Laurence as ever a beautiful painting. I think the fairy should be called azalea after the plant.


Dec 22, 2020

Marvellous you have been busy I think the fairy should be called Cindy.

Just to say you are great at art Laurence and i would like to see the how to blogs as well!

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